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The overview of economic relationships between the Republic of China and Republic of Moldova (1991 - prezent)

BAJORA Anatolie

Shanghai University
Reviewer:  Chen De Jun
 Shanghai University;
Keywords:  economic cooperation, investments

          In late 1978 the Chinese leadership began moving the economy from a sluggish, inefficient, Soviet-style centrally planned economy to a more market-oriented system [1].         

          China, the same as Moldova considered that economic cooperation and trade are an important component of the relations between the two countries. The two sides will try to look for new forms of economic cooperation and trade exchanges, giving priority to the development of cooperation in electronics, electrical machinery, meters and instruments, communications, agriculture, light industry and food processing. Each side will, under its law, create conditions to encourage the other side to invest on its own territory and protect the other side's investment. Both sides attach special importance to the cooperation in training experts in the economic departments and leading cadres and improving their professional capabilities.

          When we look at this data of imports and exports we can see that the number of imports is increasing every year, but the number of the exports is way lower than imports and the amount of money gained from exports is varying from year to year. It is known the fact that China doesn’t import too much vegetables, canned products or textiles; China imports large quantities of wine from Moldova.

          Sino – Moldavian relationships are a good example for how two countries, regardless of their size, can work together on equal footing. We were always considering that bilateral economic cooperation, a material basis for strengthening the relationships between these two countries, has a great potential.
Nevertheless, the collaboration potential between the two countries has not been fully turned to account, and there are more opportunities to extend the bilateral commercial relations in this respect. Because we think that China is interested to encourage its business people to invest in Moldova, and to establish new collaboration contacts with businessmen from Moldova. China is also willing to more closely cooperate with Moldova, both from the viewpoint of investments and of providing technical assistance. The Moldovan people will do their utmost, so as to speed up the pace of achieving the goals which has been set.



1. Kynge, James. China Shakes the World: A Titan's Rise and Troubled Future - and the Challenge for America . Houghton Mifflin; 1 edition, 2006.


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